The ring is a difficult gift, it carries the implication of the upcoming marriage, if you are not married yet. In this case, being afraid of misunderstanding, it is better to prepare a bracelet, earrings or pendant for a gift. If the choice fell on the ring, then you should know the size of the finger on which you want to donate the ring. You can take an already existing ring imperceptibly and choose the size, or try on it visually with your fingers. If the size does not fit, then the ring can be attributed to the jeweler and make the desired size.

For owners of beautiful chains as a gift, you can choose jewelry - pendant. Pendants are distinguished by metal (gold, silver, platinum), size (large and small) and inserts (natural and artificial stones). The versatility of this gift is that it can be presented as a young girl or teenager, and an adult woman. The suspension gives charm, femininity and individualizes its owner.


The bracelet is a universal gift for any holiday. It can be both from precious metals, and costume jewelry. Women still appreciate bracelets made of gold, platinum or silver. Bracelets are different weaving and inserts. Inserts can be from natural and artificial stones. It is important to remember that bracelets differ in length. Therefore, it is desirable to be guided in the size of the wrist of the donee woman.